October 21-22, 2017

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The Central Art Walk is a yearly studio tour and sale in the beautiful Kitchener neighbourhoods bounded by Park, Victoria, Weber, and Union streets. Come visit, and get a chance to see artists in their own studios, displaying fine art, jewelery, paintings, food, photography, pottery, glass, collage and fibre arts.

2017 Bio - Deb Barrett

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Media: Mixed Media, Embroidery

I am a life-long resident of Waterloo. In my work, love of the natural world plays a central role, most often in a spirit of celebration.



2017 Bio - Jessica Clayman

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Studio: KW Artists' Co-op
Media: Acrylic, Polymer, Wood, Stained-Glass, Textiles, Crystal, etc.
Website: www.twilightrabbit.com

Jessica Clayman is an Artist, Graphic Designer and Illustrator who can't remain occupied long enough to stick to one medium. As a Multi-Crafter, there is a plethora of interesting items she's contributed to the arts including but not limited to: apparel, jewelry, painting, toys, and games. Although her focus inevitably varies, she's always dedicated to the project at hand. An example of her dedication is two completed Tarot decks at seventy-eight cards each. Her current focus is her online store. She resides in Kitchener with her ever-supportive husband Jonathan and their cat Sonja.



2017 Bio - Caroline Keogh

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Studio: KW Artists' Co-op
Media: Acrylics, Mixed Media

Caroline is a landscape painter on wood panels (mostly of her own photos from Ireland and Canada). She recently produced a series of owl portraits with permission from photographers. She has Visual Arts Specialist certification and is a full-time teacher. Caroline is continuously taking courses to explore painting methods, colour, and various mediums. She has mixed media work and is playing with encaustic art (using heated beeswax) for smaller pieces for sale. As a member of the K W Artists' Co-op, her sanctuary for joyful creating artwork, Caroline is gearing up to become a full time artist upon retirement.



2017 Bio - ManChoi Chow

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Media: Photography
Website: www.manchoi-chow-photographer.com

He credits the talent of his Grandfather and passion of his father for photography, and remaining open minded, he has enjoyed his eclectic meanderings in the world of photography and printmaking: through landscapes, nature, portraiture, still life or life events. Many comment on his works' "Zen" quality and appeal. He considers his emerging artistic avocation a progressive culmination of his profession as an educator, pastor, and spiritual healer. Discovering creative connections between art, photography, and healing is "re-creational" and great fun for ManChoi.



2017 Bio - Sarah Granskou

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Media: Hand felting and upcycling
Website: www.sarahgranskou.com

Sarah Granskou discovered felting when exploring mediums for creating puppets for her performances. But it didn't stop there; Sarah has been creating felted hats, clothing, accessories, slippers, play mats and cat caves. For the modest budget and imaginative puppeteer, she has lots of fun making trolls out of re-purposed mittens and household items.



2017 Bio - Jakki Annerino

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Media: Acrylic, encaustic, wet-felting, jewelry and greeting cards.

Jakki Annerino is a multi media artist and singer-songwriter. She likes to explore different mediums as they each give voice to another element of her creative muse. In her current exploration of acrylic painting she is trying to express her joy of living by the exuberant use of colour and form.



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