Updated Brochures for Download

Hi everyone,

Well, as usual, there are a few typos in the brochure, mostly to do with the location lettering. For example:

  • Jonathan Sau has the correct address but the wrong identifying letter. He is listed as F and should be H.
  • The other one is all the Schillings at 153 Louisa St. They are listed as J and should be L which is at the other end of Louisa

Now, we’ve fixed these in our downloadable versions of the brochure, and they are available here.

Download web version (PDF) for printing.

Download 1-pager image (JPG).


2017 Bio – Al Devries

Media: Polymer Clay

Al has spent his life as a farmer and nurseryman keenly observing nature and the change of the seasons. In his retirement he has been pulled to recall those observations by producing perfectly precise polymer clay flowers. Al’s arrangements beautifully reflect the variety of colours found in the garden and are placed in hand crafted stoneware vases. You will marvel at the detail and attention that Al puts into his work.


2017 Bio – Jonathan Sau

Media: Photography

Jonathan Sau is a fine art photographer. Capturing the beauty of nature through landscape and floral photography is a big part of Jonathan’s work. He also explores other genres like abstracts, still life, and travel. Through the judicious use of perspective, isolation and colour, Jonathan creates powerful images, either depicting reality in its simplest and most pleasing way, or as abstracts of light and form.
Jonathan is a member of the Canadian Association of Photographic Art (CAPA), and the Grand River Imaging and Photographic Society in Waterloo, Ontario. He was a former member of the North Shore Photographic Society in West Vancouver, British Columbia.
Jonathan’s work has won awards at CAPA competitions, and has been accepted for exhibition at international salon, and local photographic art events and juried art shows.


2017 Bio – J. Ryan Brooks

Media: Ink, Watercolour

J. Ryan Brooks is a Kitchener based artist who enjoys working in a variety of mediums including: Ink drawing, Painting, and Photography. Constantly inspired by the world around him, he believes that the energy created by a piece has a palpable effect on the viewer. He has been a member of Kitchener’s ZuckerLoft Studio for several years.