Event cancelled for 2020

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to keep you updated on the status of this year’s event. Like many other shows, conventions, tours, and just about everything else which puts people together, we’ve taken the sad, but inevitable steps to cancel this year’s event. Honestly, we wish it hadn’t come to this, but the way everything is going, it’s unlikely we would be able to get our artists together, launch the advertising and brochures, and get any meaningful participation this year, at least not without potentially endangering others.

But check back once in a while. We’ll be looking into other ways to engage with the neighbourhood, whether it’s on our social media accounts, or by having a virtual show and auction. We’d still like to be part of this community.

And, hey, we’ll be back again next year. See you then.

From Dave, Jackie, Esther, and the whole group.