2024 Pages are live

Hi neighbour!

The 2024 K-W Central Art Walk is on! The dates are Oct 5-6, 2024 this year (a Saturday and Sunday, btw).

For those interested in participating, our membership and payment pages are online. We hope to hear from you!

2022 Brochures

Hi neighbours!

You can pick up our 2022 brochures at places around K-W, including stores, cafes, art shops, galleries. If you’d like to help with the distribution of brochures, please contact us, and we can provide bundles for you.

For an online version of the brochures, click here (about 1MB).

2022 Art Walk is a Go!

Hi neighbours,

Good news! We’re going to have a 2022 art walk! Plans are being made to get out a call to artists! As usual, if you are interested, please initiate the process by reaching out to Jakki.

Also, we have a new date this year. October 1 and 2, 2022.

Hoping for a Better 2022

Hi everyone. COVID hit us pretty bad these past two years. In an effort to keep everyone safe, we cancelled our 2020 and 2021 events. As the holiday season comes up, we’re starting to see the rise of the new Omicron variant, so it might be back indoors for the rest of the winter.

We wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season, and we’re crossing our fingers that we’ll be able to open our doors to everyone next year.

Happy holidays and a happy and safe new year to everyone.

Event cancelled for 2020

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to keep you updated on the status of this year’s event. Like many other shows, conventions, tours, and just about everything else which puts people together, we’ve taken the sad, but inevitable steps to cancel this year’s event. Honestly, we wish it hadn’t come to this, but the way everything is going, it’s unlikely we would be able to get our artists together, launch the advertising and brochures, and get any meaningful participation this year, at least not without potentially endangering others.

But check back once in a while. We’ll be looking into other ways to engage with the neighbourhood, whether it’s on our social media accounts, or by having a virtual show and auction. We’d still like to be part of this community.

And, hey, we’ll be back again next year. See you then.

From Dave, Jackie, Esther, and the whole group.

Updated Brochures for Download

Hi everyone,

Well, as usual, there are a few typos in the brochure, mostly to do with the location lettering. For example:

  • Jonathan Sau has the correct address but the wrong identifying letter. He is listed as F and should be H.
  • The other one is all the Schillings at 153 Louisa St. They are listed as J and should be L which is at the other end of Louisa

Now, we’ve fixed these in our downloadable versions of the brochure, and they are available here.

Download web version (PDF) for printing.

Download 1-pager image (JPG).