Portrait of the Artist: Mary Lou Sittler

Mary Lou began her glass career after volunteering to set up a gallery for a stained glass shop. Since then Mary Lou has pursued her passion creating many custom stained glass pieces for local businesses and home owners. More recently she has been experimenting with fused glass, painted and slumped glass, focusing on one of a kind art forms.
Mary Lou’s work is displayed at Dundee Pottery and Stained Glass, and at her home studio in Kitchener, Ontario.
She’s available year-round by appointment.
Home Studio Location:
214 Moore Avenue
Kitchener, Ontario
Phone Number: 519-579-7511
Email: mtutton@rogers.com
Payment Method: Cash or Cheque.

One thought on “Portrait of the Artist: Mary Lou Sittler

  1. Marylou’s artistic ability blew me away when I viewed a large stained glass window of a water nymph she was working on several years ago. I asked her about another piece she had been working on of trees blowing in the wind. She pointed it out and I literally had been lifted off the ground…Fantastic Marylou….and I love your glass fusing…your friend Nancy Rose

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