2017 Bio – Al Devries

Media: Polymer Clay

Al has spent his life as a farmer and nurseryman keenly observing nature and the change of the seasons. In his retirement he has been pulled to recall those observations by producing perfectly precise polymer clay flowers. Al’s arrangements beautifully reflect the variety of colours found in the garden and are placed in hand crafted stoneware vases. You will marvel at the detail and attention that Al puts into his work.


2017 Bio – Jonathan Sau

Media: Photography

Jonathan Sau is a fine art photographer. Capturing the beauty of nature through landscape and floral photography is a big part of Jonathan’s work. He also explores other genres like abstracts, still life, and travel. Through the judicious use of perspective, isolation and colour, Jonathan creates powerful images, either depicting reality in its simplest and most pleasing way, or as abstracts of light and form.
Jonathan is a member of the Canadian Association of Photographic Art (CAPA), and the Grand River Imaging and Photographic Society in Waterloo, Ontario. He was a former member of the North Shore Photographic Society in West Vancouver, British Columbia.
Jonathan’s work has won awards at CAPA competitions, and has been accepted for exhibition at international salon, and local photographic art events and juried art shows.


2017 Bio – J. Ryan Brooks

Media: Ink, Watercolour

J. Ryan Brooks is a Kitchener based artist who enjoys working in a variety of mediums including: Ink drawing, Painting, and Photography. Constantly inspired by the world around him, he believes that the energy created by a piece has a palpable effect on the viewer. He has been a member of Kitchener’s ZuckerLoft Studio for several years.


2017 Bio – Lenore Brooks

Media: Fabric Arts & Multimedia

My name is Lenore Brooks, and I’ve spent my whole life, one way or another, immersed in design. I grew up the daughter of an artist which gave me a love of art and design, and eventually took me to Toronto, to Humber’s Interior Design program. I then spent a decade working and living in Toronto. Moving my family to Kitchener and launching Lenore Brooks Design, my own home design and staging business, was the beginning of a more relaxed lifestyle and I was able to return to doing some of the things I loved but hadn’t had time for. Sewing, embroidering and painting are loves that have been with me since childhood, while resin art is a new and exciting foray for me. My design experience has helped with my art and creations and I am always open to creating custom items for you in materials that will best fit with your d├ęcor. Being part of the Kitchener Central Art walk helps keep me focused on my art and creating new things throughout the year, and is so much fun to be a part of.


2017 Bio – Glenn G. Smith

Media: Concrete Garden Sculptures

Glenn has made the Region of Waterloo his home since 1989. He first came here to study Fine Arts at the University of Waterloo and later continued his studies through field work abroad in Scotland, New Zealand, England, France and the United States. As a founding member of Waterloo Region’s Arts Hub, Button Factory Arts, Glenn has been actively exhibiting, teaching and promoting art with a passion for over 20 years. As the Artist in Residence at Homer Watson House and Gallery for 2 years consecutively, from 2000-2002 Glenn developed his teaching skills. Eventually he went on to teach a variety of Painting and Sculpture classes for Conestoga College, Kitchener Campus and at the Tom Thompson Arts Festival in South River as well, and has maintained excellent relations with Homer Watson House and Gallery as he is currently one of their Associate Artists.
Concrete structures are the main theme of Glenn’s current work, exhibiting in a variety of Galleries throughout Ontario, including Marten Arts Gallery in Bayfield, ON. Glenn has broadened his customer base by showing sketches and paintings of his sculptures at several Art Galleries, Art Walks and Festivals throughout the Region of Waterloo and all across Canada. Glenn can even boast about sales of his work over the past 6 years, to customers as far away as Spain, Columbia, China and Japan. Similar styles of these concrete sculptures are also available via his website. Glenn continues with high acclaim to expand upon these types of work as he is successfully showing and selling his art through the involvement in local Art Walks, Arts Festivals, Solo and Group Art Shows and is now moving into the realm of Public Art Installations.