2017 Bio – Lenore Brooks

Media: Fabric Arts & Multimedia

My name is Lenore Brooks, and I’ve spent my whole life, one way or another, immersed in design. I grew up the daughter of an artist which gave me a love of art and design, and eventually took me to Toronto, to Humber’s Interior Design program. I then spent a decade working and living in Toronto. Moving my family to Kitchener and launching Lenore Brooks Design, my own home design and staging business, was the beginning of a more relaxed lifestyle and I was able to return to doing some of the things I loved but hadn’t had time for. Sewing, embroidering and painting are loves that have been with me since childhood, while resin art is a new and exciting foray for me. My design experience has helped with my art and creations and I am always open to creating custom items for you in materials that will best fit with your d├ęcor. Being part of the Kitchener Central Art walk helps keep me focused on my art and creating new things throughout the year, and is so much fun to be a part of.