2024 Applications


Image by Bilge Can G├╝rer from Pixabay

If you are an artist living in the areas bordered by Park, Victoria, Weber, and Union streets, and want to be part of the community, please join us this year. If you are from outside that area, but have a friend who lives in our location, consider asking them to host for you and other artists!

The K-W Central Art Walk is a team effort. Artists that are accepted will be expected to do their part in distributing posters and brochures in a timely manner. We expect artists to also be involved in decisions regarding details of the art walk. We also expect artists to attend at least 2 meetings, one of which will be the follow-up in November so we can debrief. We are hoping to turn that meeting into a fun event.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a participant of the K-W Central Art Walk. Please complete the following application and submit as per the instructions below.

Note: All 4 steps must be completed to ensure your participation in this event. Simply uploading images, or paying the fee, does not guarantee your place.

Step 1:

Before filling in any applications, be sure to email Jakki Annerino (kwcentralartwalk@gmail.com) to get your name on our mailing list.

Step 2:

Membership Fees – Ensure your space in the art walk by getting your fee in before the end of May. Check out our payments page.

Step 3:

Click Here to complete the application on Google Forms.

There are three types of people on the sign-up sheet: HOST ONLY, HOST AND ARTIST, and GUEST OF A HOST:

  • a HOST ONLY – isn’t an artist, doesn’t pay a fee, and doesn’t show art
  • a GUEST OF A HOST – is an artist, pays a fee, and shows art
  • a HOST AND ARTIST – has a location/studio, pays a fee, and shows art

Step 4:

Uploading JPG Files for the Brochure

Click on the following link to upload your image files: https://bit.ly/3UcodW9

It helps us a lot if you upload two (2) files. You can upload more than 2, but we need at least 2.

These images will go directly into a Google Drive folder, and will be used for the brochure and the website. Please upload high quality images (i.e. greater than 150dpi) for printing. The images should represent your recent work (if applicable) in the current year.

Try to keep the image size around 5MB or less.

Note: Images may be cropped to fit in the brochure (either into a square or landscape shape).