2016 Artist: Craig Girodat

“I am a tile setter by trade. I have developed a hobby for duplicating my photography onto pots using mosaic tile. Using planting pots as a medium is unique as you can catch a 360-degree view of the subject you want to recreate.”

One thought on “2016 Artist: Craig Girodat

  1. Hello Craig
    I got your contact from Erin at Colour and Light. 
    I do event planning for Waterloo Girls Hockey and we are in a real bind! 
    We have a huge tournament this weekend — 82 teams (1500 girls and their families) some from the US — and we are short vendors. 
    I know this is really super short notice but I was wondering if you would consider setting up a booth at our tournament. I know your product isn’t hockey-related but I think a lot of our guests would be interested in your art (and Christmas is just around the corner — easy shopping!)  Waterloo Ravens has a reputation of doing different things at our tournaments which makes us so popular. 
    The regular table fee is $125 (which I believe we could reduce) and 15% of your sales (honour system). 
    We start the tournament at RIM Park and Albert McCormick Arena on Thurs night but there are only a couple of games that evening and it goes right through the weekend until Sunday late afternoon. 
    Please contact me as soon as you can if this is of interest to you. 
    Sharon Abel
    Waterloo ​Ravens
    Event Coordinator

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