Portrait of the Artist: Sean M Puckett

In his early years, the easy money of computer programming lured Sean away from his fascination with graphic arts and photography. Now that he has decided his soul is more important than his wallet, he’s put down the keyboard and picked up his camera once more. He smiles more frequently these days. Sean’s studio is in Kitchener, Ontario.

Mailing List Added

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For Art Walk artists, this mailing list will be a way of keeping in touch with decisions, news, and important planning and scheduling updates made during the Art Walk meetings.
For art enthusiasts and people interested in art and the Central Art Walk, this is a great way to find out what we’re doing, and to keep in touch with your favourite artists. Remember that while the Central Art Walk happens once a year, art is happening all the time.
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Portrait of the Artist: Todd Schiedel

Todd Schiedel is an artisan, musician and teacher. He is interested in creating objects that are aesthetically pleasing, functional, and created without having an adverse impact on the environment. Todd makes handmade, wooden versions of familiar classic games and toys. These tried and true games are durable, non-toxic and made in part or entirely from reclaimed wood (old floorboards, cut-offs, etc.)
As a teacher, Todd appreciates the role of play in the lives of children. Playing games provides a context for meaningful interaction among children and adults alike. Todd will be selling his wares at Little City Farm (508 Duke St W.) with several other fine artisans.
Custom orders are welcome.
Todd’s recent musical creations can be found at toddschiedel.wordpress.com.
Send any inquiries to taschiedel@hotmail.com

Portrait of the Artist: Lauren Judge

Lauren Judge is a multi-disciplinary artist, living and working in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. She has recently joined the Waterloo Community Arts Centre as General Manager, gaining a new perspective of the local arts community, and takes delight in providing arts programs and events for the public at affordable cost.
Lauren is primarily a hand knitter. With 20 years of experience, Lauren creates her own patterns and original designs for women’s accessories. She chooses to work exclusively with 100% natural fibres, with a flair for silks, wool and alpaca in natural pigments.
Since 2008, Lauren’s artistic interests have shifted to painting with acrylics in an abstract style, taking elements from the styles of Picasso and Pollock. Recently her focus has shifted to a pouring technique that allows her to apply a passionate dose of colour and texture. Her techniques and the added use of symbolism help to convey a social or environmental message.
Lauren also has experience in stained glass. She prefers to work in large pieces, breaking down scenery into shapes and planes, building in perspective and value, and experimenting with texture.
You can learn more about Lauren Judge by visiting www.laurenjudge.com
To learn more about the Waterloo Community Arts Centre visit www.buttonfactory.org