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2011 Brochures Available

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Brochures are available now, and should be popping up around town. In case you want a digital copy, the brochure is available here on Adobe PDF:

Brochure Inside

Brochure Outside

And you can get a poster while you're at it.


Artist Bio: Sheila Diemert

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Sheila Diemert is an incredibly prolific local artist who does fantastic landscapes, still-lifes, and portraits. This year she's at 136 Moore Ave. S., Unit D.





You can see much more of her work on her Website:

Artist Bio: Carol Kubassek

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Carol Kubassek is the proprietor of Your Time Boutique, and sells a wide array of beeswax products.

Carol Kubassek | Owner, Chandler

Your Time Boutique INC

120 Cherry St. Kitchener ON N2G 2C8

Tel 519.589.8248 -

ARTISAN BEESWAX CANDLES ~ I chose to work with beeswax because of its simplistic purity. In 2007 I set out to make superlative beeswax candles because up until then I was wasting money on beeswax candles that didn't burn properly.

I had the fortunate opportunity to learn from a master chandler who, for 15 years, made it his mission to develop new techniques and put to rest old myths of beeswax chandlery - gone were the days of half burned, inferior quality beeswax candles made with coarse natural fibre wicking that gave off a putrid scent.

It all begins at the hive. I procure Canadian cappings wax from beekeepers who haven't scorched or overheated the wax when separating out the honey. Then, in order to maintain the integrity of the wax, with patience, and through a gentle cleaning process, I purify the wax by filtering it down to one micron.

When making the candles, the wax is heated carefully in small batches for only a very short time in order to keep alive the full bodied aroma, rich yellow colour and texture. Each candle is then fitted with the perfect sized 100% cotton wicking.

As a former chef I've always been passionate about what I put on your plate - I want your approval so this demands my best offering. When you burn Your TimeTM candles, I'd like your personal time to be enhanced because of their superior quality.



Artist Bio: Denise Redmond

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Denise Redmond is a weaver who makes some fantastic fabric and fibre art.

Playing with fibre since the age of nine, Denise has had an ongoing love affair with clothing art. While working as a commercial visual artist, she found the third dimension more engaging than 2D media. Since discovering weaving and spinning several years ago, Denise has continued to explore the functional, visual and tactile possibilities of fibre.


"Expressing creativity in textiles allows me to marry colour, texture and function. My pieces are meant to be worn or used in everyday life, whether as shawls, scarves, bookmarks, bags or simple table ornaments.


"I prefer to work with natural fibres such as cotton, linen, wools and recycled fibres. Because I think weaving should be dynamic, I rarely repeat designs. Most of my inspiration for weaving comes from the interplay of colour I see in nature or accidentally, in combinations of manmade objects.


"My weaving is always evolving. Pieces are unique, tactile and imperfect. They remind me of a time when functional cloths were made in the home and lasted generations. Using modern threads and colours of our time, I hope to share my creations with other fans of textile."


You can contact Denise at:

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