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2012 Artist Bio: Frank Parparcen

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Frank Parparcen is an artist with a degree in visual arts, specializing in the art of fire. In the last 16 years he has made glass his main material of expression, and teaching the means of sharing his experience.


2012 Artist Bio: Jennifer Gough

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My work as a whole is reflective of my journey through life. Each piece tells its part of the story. Driven by emotion, my work expresses feelings of ambition, hope, fear, exhilaration and determination. Bold colors and strong lines represent power and strength, while blended, textured areas speak more to personal growth, passion and the pursuit of happiness.

In my opinion, art is a very personal experience. To be viewed from ones own perspective. Not necessarily to be understood, but instead to be felt, and inspire a reaction in the viewer. It's a love affair.



2012 Artist Bio: Lauren Judge

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Lauren Judge was born and raised in Kitchener-Waterloo. With over 22 years experience in hand knitting, Lauren has experimented with many different kinds of fibres and designs. In 2007, she started her own business creating and knitting original designs for accessories and garments made exclusively from natural fibres. Over the years, Lauren has developed as an abstract painter in fluid acrylics. She also has a fulfilling career in not-for-profit administration.


web_Lauren_Judge_Number 13.jpg

2012 Artist Bio: Stayce Webber

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Stayce is a pen & ink and watercolour artist whose themes run toward the tribal and mythological, strongly influenced by an academic background in anthropology and an appreciation of the fantastic. An east-coast American now nesting in a home & studio called AEcern in Kitchener, Ontario, Stayce creates works of art that are small, jewel-like windows into other worlds. She is also a loud librarian, quiet drummer, mystified mother, and wondering woman.



My art started practically: my dry skin needed better bath and body products, something with high quality nutrient-rich ingredients. After making one batch of soap using the traditional cold process method, I embraced the creative possibilities of essential oils and other natural additives. Freshly ground oats speckle Oatmeal Scrub, delicate blue clouds enhance Serenity, the lack of scent highlights the purity and decadence of Hazelnut Cream.

Website: http://masseysoaphouse.com




I have been working in the Stained Glass field for 10 years now, learning the art of Lead Came and the Foil application. I have enjoyed constructing original pieces for homes and businesses in our local area. I have made many friends over the years teaching Stained Glass and Glass Fusing to people of all ages. I am now working out of my home studio, creating one of kind Fused Glass bowls, trays, candle holders as well as Stained Glass Lanterns and Lamps.

I've recently combined Glass Carving into my art, giving a new dimension and endless possibilities to my creations. I am looking forward to the fall with new work offered for the Central Art Walk in Kitchener/Waterloo and the Rural Routes Studio Tour in Wilmot Township.

2012 Artist Bio: Kristen Antaya

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Hailing from Milton, Ontario, Kristen Antaya has called Kitchener-Waterloo her home since relocating to pursue a degree in Fine Arts at the University of Waterloo. While she focuses primarily on traditional techniques, the images she creates are far more than the simple black and white images they appear to be. Her creations extend from paintings and drawings, to bracelets and one-off handiworks.




2012 Artist Bio: Maria Wirth

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Sewing was always a passion of mine right from the age of 8 years old. From simple projects to ones that really challenged me further. I studied Fashion and Arts in Collage. As an artist I started looking into art with fabric. With my love of sewing and love to create, I began exploring new techniques with stitching, threads, and unique fabrics. As you will see I am inspired by nature with stones in the sand, trees, or with flowers. With on line research, my ideas were encouraged by many different contemporary artists. In short my goal is the bring nature with a new look into homes with my work.


web_Maria_Wirth_The Trees.jpg

2012 Artist Bio: Colour and Light

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web_CAW 2012 - Colour and Light - 01.jpg

Colour and Light features unique, abstract glass art by Erin Moffat. A former research chemist, Erin enjoys the fusion of science and art. She draws inspiration from nature for much of her work, and also likes to geek out a bit with her fun molecule-themed pieces. Erin's fascination with Celtic imagery also shines through in her intricate knotwork in glass, and she is trying to save the environment one bottle at a time with beautiful, functional items made from recycled bottles.

Website: http://www.colourandlight.ca

web_CAW 2012 - Colour and Light - 02.jpg

web_CAW 2012 - Colour and Light - 03.jpg

web_CAW 2012 - Colour and Light - 04.jpg

web_Erin Moffat Headshot 110213.jpg

2012 Artist Bio: Bernie Rohde

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Bernie Rohde is a Kwartzlab artist who creates sculptures out of circuits, LEDs, and other electronic components.

It's fun to let the circuits show me where they want to go - we tend to work around the rules a bit.


2012 Artist Bio: D. H. McKee

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D. H. McKee is a contemporary abstract artist, born in London, Ontario, living in Kitchener-Waterloo. He studied literature, pop-culture, toxicology, journalism, and visual media, obtaining a degree in English and Film from the University of Western Ontario. He has worked in the K-W area for the past decade, learning the artist's trade while maintaining a career in the high-tech sector.

His technique is fast, flashy, and full of vibrant colour.

You can see his art at http://www.zuckerloft.com, or follow him on twitter @zuckervati.



David_McKee_Belligerent _Red_Dragon.jpg


2012 Artist Bio: Meg Leslie

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recycling, re-purposing, refining... I create art with old tile, jewellery, glass and found objects. I studied interior design and I love it when the piece is functional; a funky tiled table, a kitchen backsplash a bathroom wall. I do also enjoy creating art for art's sake. I've created some fun smaller pieces for sale. I hope you'll enjoy my work.



Meg Leslie
wAllfLower mOsaics


2012 Artist Bio: Jakki Annerino

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Jakki is a mixed media artist and singer-songwriter. Her passions for art and music have been in her bones from a young age. She finds happiness and fulfillment in the creative process as well as healing and renewal. She loves the magical quality of making art. And she loves being able to convey an emotion in a visual or musical form. Dreams, nature, literature and music are some of the things that fuel her creative passion.


Jakki has recently begun painting in acrylics and loves the possibilities of this medium. She will have several new pieces for this year's art walk. She has been creating mixed media pieces with encaustic (wax) for the past several years. She enjoys this medium as it allows for layering, texture and translucent colours. With her altered art jewelry she is able to incorporate some of the found objects that she has collected. She also makes collage and photo greeting cards.




2012 Artist Bio: Jason Piper

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Jason is a locally based Artist, with a wide range of skill. His main focus currently is Landscape & Abstract paintings. His landscape pieces begin as painted sketches on site from places such as Algonquin park, Georgian Bay, Victoria park K-W. on the other hand Utilizing Abstract as a healthy opposite to be more expressive. Jason pours his soul into each piece. And enjoys the ability to be versatile.




2012 Artist Bio: Phaelon

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For this bio, we've added some embedded music for you. Alan/Phaelon is our resident art walk DJ.


My pieces serve as a vehicle to explore my perspectives on life in a simplistic manner. Originally inspired by the works of Robert Norman "Bob" Ross (1942-1995), my experiments with landscapes have led way to a journey into abstraction, challenging me to deconstruct what I see into simple concepts infused with colours that pop. The main inspiration for my pieces comes from everyday surroundings, events, media, and personalities.


Phaelon (Alan Lew)


2012 Artist Bio: Sheila Diemert

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I like to create art that is uplifting and positive--paintings that have meaning for the owners: portraits of people they know and love, and of places they've been to or hope to visit one day.

I'm very committed to celebrating our community--the people, the diverse cultures, the landscapes. There is beauty everywhere--in the patterns in the fabric of a sari, in the textures on the bark of a tree, in the colours on the peel of an apple, in the light in a person's eyes.


web_Sheila_Diemert_Party_ Of_Eight.jpg

Art by Sheila
Website: www.sheiladiemert.com
Email: sheila.diemert@gmail.com
Phone: 519-749-0764



2012 Artist Bio: Tiffany McAvoy

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I am a local photographer and artist. I will have photo cards available of different places I've visited, as well as items such as tutus and hand crafted art.




2012 Artists: Little City Farm

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The following artists will be showing at Little City Farm this year.

Karin Kliewer

- Handmade natural soaps & herbal products; artisan wood-fired organic breads
Website: http://littlecityfarm.ca/
Email: info@littlecityfarm.ca

At Little City Farm we focus on reskilling ourselves in the homesteading arts. Soap making and bread baking are two of these arts that we love. Our handcrafted soaps are made with all natural and organic ingredients, using herbs grown in our gardens. Our artisan wood-fired breads are baked with organic locally milled flour. We will also offer tours of our homestead and outdoor wood-fired cob oven, and the opportunity to sign up for soap or bread making workshops. Visit, smell, taste and enjoy!


Taarini Chopra

- Handcrafted and wheel-thrown pottery with earthy glazes
Email: taarinichopra@yahoo.com

My pottery is handcrafted and wheel-thrown. I make functional stoneware and porcelain pieces, glazed in earthy colours, and fired in oxidation to cone 10. Hand-thrown pottery is perfect for those who choose hand crafted over factory-produced, natural materials over plastics, and who enjoy serving and eating out of pretty and personalized tableware. All dishes are food safe, and can be put in the dishwasher, oven and microwave.




2012 Brochures Available Now!

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You can get them at this link, or click the link on the main page (above). Look for them in local establishments around Kitchener-Waterloo!


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