Artist Profile – Alan Lew

My pieces serve as a vehicle to explore my perspectives on life in a simplistic manner. Originally inspired by the works of Robert Norman “Bob” Ross (1942-1995), my experiments with landscapes have led way to a journey into abstraction, challenging me to deconstruct what I see into simple concepts infused with colours that pop. The main inspiration for my pieces comes from everyday surroundings, events, media, and personalities.

Artist Profile – Elizabeth Backler

“My first batch of soap was made with grocery-store shortening, sodium hydroxide and a glass baking pan in my kitchen. While my skills, tools and ingredients have evolved over the years, I’m still enthralled with the potent fusion of science and art. This has led me to handcraft other vegan bath and body products, including lotion, lip balm and body wash.
More recently, I have started exploring glass fusing, crafting soap dishes to complement the soap.”

Artist Profile – Matt Riehl

Matt Riehl is the Community Development Coordinator at Extend-A-Family. In partnership with the Multicultural Cinema Club, Matt and his co-workers produced the documentary “Count Us In” which highlights a number of adults with disabilities and their personal stories. In addition to “Count Us In”, Matt was involved in producing the Autism awareness song “What this Love is For”, hosts an Open Mic night at the Queen St. Commons, and is one of the organizers of the Hohner Porch Party.

Artist Profile – Esther Devries-Lasby

Esther has been working in clay for more than 15 years, and she has always worked at her sewing machine. The pots she creates are made of functional stoneware and add a fun touch of handmade to your table. Most known for clay milk pitchers, Esther also makes a variety of bowls and serving pieces. This year Esther is adding some sewing to the art walk. While most of her sewing centers around fashion, large scale quilts and period costumes, she has saved up scraps and bits to be sewn into a variety of functional pouches. Esther is eager to welcome you to her home and share what she has been making.