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Artist Bio - 2015: Glenn G. Smith

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Glenn G. Smith is a local artist and sculptor, who specializes in outdoor garden sculptures.



Artist Bio - 2015: Maria Wirth

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I enjoy creating unit and original pieces of art out of fabric, from cottons to synthetic materials, to stones on the beach. I love the beauty of flowers. This year I hope to see the pervasive and new visitors come to enjoy my work.


We are a group that likes to knit, crochet, and craft. We find it relaxing and enjoyable. We want to share our gifts with others.



J. Ryan Brooks is a Kitchener based artist who enjoys working in a variety of mediums including: Ink drawing, Painting, and Photography. Constantly inspired by the world around him, he believes that the energy created by a piece has a palpable effect on the viewer.



Artist Bio - 2015: D. H. McKee

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D. H. McKee is a contemporary abstract artist, photographer, and writer. He was born in London, Ontario, but calls Kitchener his home. Drawing inspiration from the great abstract expressionists of the 20th century, his works are heavy with colour, box and line patterns, giving a dark, geometric moodiness to his paintings.



Artist Bio - 2015: Lenore Brooks

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Lenore Brooks is a local designer who likes to work in many different art mediums. The daughter of an artist she grew up surrounded by art and cultivated a deep appreciation for all art mediums. As a residential designer, Lenore approaches her art like she does interior spaces, preferring to create three dimensional pieces.



Artist Bio - 2015: Gord Mcleod

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My name is Gord, and I like doing crafts. I have assembled some gift bags for people to purchase. In my spare time I enjoy gardening, and reading with a glass of wine.


Artist Bio - 2015: Jakki Annerino

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Jakki Annerino is an encaustic and mixed media artist and founding member of the KW Central Art Walk. Her art passion is fueled by dreams, nature, literature and music. Her principal medium is encaustic (beeswax and damar resin) but she also paints in acrylic. She creates unique jewelry using vintage elements. She also makes various styles of greeting cards.cards.


Jakki is also a singer/songwriter who has been performing locally for many years.



Artist Bio - 2015: Andrew Owen

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More of a birder than photographer, I've been collecting images for years and now have a few I want to share.



Artist Bio - 2015: Dawn Martin

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Dawn is a local wire-work artist. Her intricately woven creations include garments, head pieces, belts, evening bags and objets d'art. She also incorporates her hand-forged chain in many of her designs.



Artist Bio - 2015: Jim Tubb

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Jim Tubb is a well established artist with a studio and gallery in Kitchener. His work is challenging and bold. He has been painting for many years and his work is owned across the country.



Kitchener & Dorset artist Brenda Turnour is a 4th generation artist who started painting with Arthur Shilling in Orillia at age 8 & sold her first oil at age 12.

As a lover of nature & architecture, Brenda draws inspiration from the joys & beauty of life which surround her. Brenda has been teaching art, entering juried shows, volunteering & selling paintings for more years than she cares to mention.

Her art is in collections around the world & she has won a number of awards.


Sarah Granskou creates both whimsical and elegant hand felted apparel and accessories inspired by the forest. From hats, shoes, clothing and barettes to puppets and troll dolls, Sarah aims to bring beauty and imagination into everyday lives. Her inspiration is rooted in our local forests and in Norwegian folklore.



Artist Bio - 2015: Stayce Webber

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Stayce is a pen & ink and watercolour artist whose themes run toward the historic and mythological, strongly influenced by an academic background in anthropology and an appreciation of the fantastic. An east-coast American now nesting in a home & studio called AEcern in Kitchener, Ontario, Stayce creates works of art that are small, jewel-like windows into other worlds. She is also a loud librarian, quiet drummer, mystified mother, and wondering woman.



Coriand3r knits yarns are hand-dyed in deep, rich hues for bold knitters and crocheters. Chantelle loves colour! She uses small batch professional dyeing techniques and the softest natural fibres including merino wool, silk, cashmere, and bamboo. Her current favourite style is the colour-changing gradient which gradually shifts colours along a single strand of yarn to deliver a lot of visual impact.



Eekta was drawn to painting and and other ways of artistic expression since young age. After taking a long break from art for studies, family and traveling around the world she is now back. Inspired by Indian miniatures and nature she tries to narrate big and little experiences trough painting. Recently she started exploring ceramics.


Artist Bio - 2015: Rebecca Balaz

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Rebecca has been hand-dying silk fabric and silk blends in Kitchener for 7 years. She supplies most of the local bellydance community with silk veils, and her scarves have been featured in the fashion section of Grand Magazine.


Food Trucks at Central Art Walk

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For those looking for a quick snack at this year's event, Cafe Du Monde Creperie, and Breakfast Blues and BBQs will have food trucks available at 14 Braun Street (location "J" on the map). Come stop by and pick up a treat on October 17th and 18th.



Many thanks to THEMUSESUM (http://themuseum.ca/) and Apollo Cinema (http://apollocinema.ca/) for providing reciprocal advertising with the Central Art Walk this year.



I was born in Vancouver, and I studied at the Vancouver School of Art and later on at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.



Artist Bio - 2015: Jack MacAulay

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Born in Saskatchewan in 1941. I do large format black & white photographs of Canadian landscapes. I have had work in over 160 exhibits in Ontario and have also shown work in Alberta and Quebec and in the USA and the United Kingdom. I taught photography at KWCVS in Kitchener for 22 years, and part time at Conestoga College.



Artist Bio - 2015: Erin Moffat

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Colour and Light features unique, abstract glass art by Erin Moffat. A former research chemist, Erin enjoys the fusion of science and art. She draws inspiration from nature for much of her work, and also likes to geek out a bit with her fun molecule-themed pieces. Erin's fascination with Celtic imagery also shines through in her intricate knotwork in glass, and she is trying to save the environment one bottle at a time with beautiful, functional items made from recycled bottles.



Shantell, aka The ShanMonster, is a multi-disciplinary artist. She is constantly creating and studying, working in such disparate visual media as acrylics, china painting, sumi-e, ink, pencil, decoupage, collage, and soft pastels.
She is also a playwright, poet, essayist, fiction writer, dancer (belly dance, poi, voi, aerialist, etc.), costume designer, loom knitter, tablet weaver, cook, gardener, world traveler, athlete, and compulsive bookworm. She studies music theory and classical voice (opera). She is very busy.

In the past, she's worked as a figure model, radio and club DJ, music promoter, craft workshop instructor, comic/game shop manager, botanic illustrator, personal trainer, and stable mucker.

When she grows up, she wants to be a space marine.



Esther's mission is to replace the plastic milk jug in every home with a beautiful artistically crafted clay jug. She also produces a wide variety of functional pottery including mugs, plates bowls, and serving pieces. When you visit, you will have a chance to play with clay and help to produce a community pot. The community pot from last year will also be on display.




I have been making chain maille jewellery for three years. This year I have branched out into bead work and will also have bead bracelets and ear rings on sale. I am looking forward to the Central Art Walk again this year.



A collection of practical and whimsical re-purposed items brought back to life from some of nature's most alluring fibres, including wool, leather, sheepskin moccasins and slippers; fabled figures, decorations and toys; a selection of jewelry inspired by nature, myth and legend.



Andre Campbell is a writer and blogger who has Cerebral Palsy. This doesn't define Andre, but will allow you to appreciate his incredible accomplishment in creating this graphic novel.

He graduated from high school in 2010, and presently lives on his own in Cambridge, Ontario. Like many young people, Andre didn't love his high school experience. In many ways, he was a normal, angst-y teenager, but if you asked him, he would say that he was made to feel pretty different.

Campbell's peers used his disability and sexual orientation to bully him. Adding issues related to his Cerebral Palsy to this constant insensitivity it became almost too much to handle. But Andre soldiered through.

After finishing high school, things got better for Andre. Nothing changed overnight, but things did change, and they continue to improve. Good changes are possible for anyone, no matter who they are!



Artist Bio - 2015: Matt Riehl

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Extend-A-Family serves people with different abilities. Matt Riehl is the Community Development Coordinator, and one of the producers of the documentary "Count Us In".



Artist Bio - 2015: Terry Torra

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Terry was born in Ontario and earned a Bachelor of Fine Art (honours) from the University of Western Ontario. He currently resides in Kitchener.

Although he explores a wide variety of subject matter, Terry works primarily with landscapes, exploring the various visual elements of our province's diverse natural environment in an abstract style. He weaves the landscape's elements of texture, line and colour into diverse works in a variety of mediums including soft pastel which is currently his passion. Terry is also an accomplished photographer.

His work has been collected both privately and by corporations and he is currently affiliated with Art Dialogue Gallery and the Engine Gallery in Toronto.



Despite being situated in the city, Raflar's true love is in the landscape of Canada's rugged outdoors. Visually, he attempts to convey his admiration and love of nature. He is influenced by The Group of Seven and finds inspiration in the old Masters such as Monet, Van Gogh, and J.M.W. Turner. His work demonstrates a recognition of form but stresses the importance of perception. If someone can perceive the frigidness of the snow, the warmth of the sun, and texture of the trees, his mission is accomplished. His desire is to present the breadth and beauty of Canada's natural environments through watercolour and acrylic so that the public can see the competing inherent fragility and strength in the world which surrounds us.



Born in 1986 Vladivostok, Russia, Eugene Gostnikov is a self taught sculptor who enjoys working with clay as well as oven baked clay to create one of a kind artworks. With great focus on classical Greek art and a bit of knowledge in abstract art Eugene aims to capture the essence of each sculpture and make it standout from the rest. Eugene aims to outdo himself with every outwork and ensure that each piece receives the same amount of care and detail as the next.



My first batch of soap was made with grocery-store shortening, water and sodium hydroxide in a glass baking pan in my kitchen. While the lumpy, uneven mass wasn't pretty, it was soap! While my ingredients, tools and skills have evolved over the years, I'm still excited by the potent fusion of science and art. I work with vegetable oils and essential oils to create luxury vegan bath and body products, including lotion, lip balm and body wash.
More recently, I have started exploring glass fusing, crafting soap dishes to complement the soap.



Artist Bio - 2015: Alan Lew

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My pieces serve as a vehicle to explore my perspectives on life in a simplistic manner. Originally inspired by the works of Robert Norman "Bob" Ross (1942-1995), my experiments with landscapes and abstraction have led me on a journey into the entities of space, challenging me to capture the beauty of that which is beyond our grasp. The main inspiration for my pieces comes from everyday surroundings, events, media, and personalities.



Artist Bio - 2015: Aaron Aboud

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Love to paint skulls, koi, owls and everything else that sparks my interest in the moment. Continuously trying new styles and techniques, on different canvases and found materials. Enjoying the great outdoors with my wife, kids and dog, whether that takes me paddling white water rapids or "dog sledding" around the neighborhood on a skateboard.


Artist Bio - 2015: Liene Haruta

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My interest in how nature and humanity are intrinsically linked motivates me to explore how we are spiritually connected to our environment, and the nature that surrounds us.
My current theme and body of work includes interpreting the human form in both a classical and modern sense.
Part of my journey in developing this theme has lead me to endeavor to emulate the techniques of the old masters in figurative and landscape themes, I hope to carry their discipline of learning into our day in a relevant way. My aim is to continually grow in my skills and abilities.


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