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2017 Bio - Joel Brubacher

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Media: Textiles

Banjo Puppets makes engaging and durable handmade puppets for professional and aspiring puppeteers : children, educators, party-goers, musicians, television performers, nay-sayers, well-wishers, and anyone who wishes to engage their sense of play. They range from simple to elaborate and are perfect for anyone who needs a good laugh!



2017 Bio - Erin Moffat

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Media: Glass

Colour and Light features unique, abstract glass art by Erin Moffat. Much of her work is inspired by nature, Celtic imagery and science themes. She is also trying to save the environment one bottle at a time with beautiful, functional items made from recycled bottles.



2017 Bio - Maria Wirth

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Media: Fibre

Maria Wirth is a textile artist who creates art out of cotton, synthetic materials. A member of the Waterloo Quilting Guild, Maria was inspired by fibre artist Tracy Lawko.



2017 Bio - Sharl G. Smith

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Media: Bead-weaving

Entirely self-taught in the art of bead-stitching, Sharl has discovered a passion for seed beads, for experimenting with new stitches and designs, for constructing ever larger art objects as well as creating intricate jewellery. She finds that it marries perfectly her 'island girl' love of organic form and vibrant colour with her detail-oriented architectural love of structure, geometry, and modern design.



2017 Bio - Stayce Webber

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Media: Ink & Watercolour

Stayce is an ink and watercolour artist whose themes run toward the historic and mythological, influenced by an academic background in anthropology and an appreciation of the fantastic. Working out of the KW Artists Co-op in Waterloo, Ontario, Stayce creates works of art that are small, jewel-like windows into other worlds.



2017 Bio - Lee Angold

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Media: Watercolour, Coloured Pencil

Lee Angold is a botanical and natural science illustrator. She loves creating bold and colourful yet realistic illustrations of natural subjects in watercolour, coloured pencil, and ink.

Lee is a member of the Botanical Artists of Canada and the Southern Ontario Natural Science Illustrators (SONSI), and a co-founder of and co-founder of the KW Artists Co-op, a unique co-operative shared studio/workspace.




Media: bath and body products

Elizabeth is a Kitchener-based soapmaker who has been crafting soap for the past 15 years. Using high-quality vegetable oils and fragrant essential oils, she creates a variety of luxury bath and body products, including soaps, lotions, and lip balms.



2017 Bio - David Heinrichs

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Media: jewelry, turned wood bowls

I have been creating jewelry for 5 years now and have recently begun wood turning.


2017 Bio - Jennifer Hepburn

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Media: sterling silver jewellery

I am a Kitchener based gold and silversmith. I enjoy creating jewellery that can be enjoyed as part of your everyday.



2017 Bio - Heather Siemens

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Media: natural/organic fibres

I have been knitting since 2005, but it wasn't until my fourth (and last!) baby was born in 2015 that I really got inspired to create some beautiful baby garments. I put a lot of love into everything I knit, and I carefully curate each yarn that I use to be perfect not only for the specific piece, but for caressing baby's sensitive skin. I strive to use natural and organic fibers in my creations, and the designs I knit up are simple, timeless, but with a touch of vintage charm. I like to let the inherent beauty of the fibers I choose shine through, and my hope is that you will cherish and save these pieces for the next generation.



2017 Bio - Liene Haruta

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Media: Drawings and oil paint

My interest in how nature and humanity are intrinsically linked motivates me to explore how we are spiritually connected to our environment, and the nature that surrounds us. While the techniques I use are similar to the old masters, the subject matter is current in figurative and landscape themes.



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