2012 Artist Bio: Chris Austin

Chris Austin is a lifelong resident and self taught visual artist from Kitchener/Waterloo. Working mainly in acrylic and spray paint, Austin’s work is a combination of kaleidoscopic, photo-realism, and a “mash-up” painting style that draws inspiration from many creative arenas. Some of his major influences include graffiti, collage, and sign-writing. From these worlds he creates a diverse visual framework that is bold, adventurous and appeals to the young at heart.

Painting is the passion that enriches and enlivens my soul. I view everyday situations from unexpected perspectives, in a wide color palette. From that, I enter a painting with no plan of attack. Instead, I allow the painting to guide me in the direction it wants to take. Embracing the natural progression.

Artist’s Site: www.chrisaustinart.blogspot.com