2012 Artist Bio: Jakki Annerino

Jakki is a mixed media artist and singer-songwriter. Her passions for art and music have been in her bones from a young age. She finds happiness and fulfillment in the creative process as well as healing and renewal. She loves the magical quality of making art. And she loves being able to convey an emotion in a visual or musical form. Dreams, nature, literature and music are some of the things that fuel her creative passion.
Jakki has recently begun painting in acrylics and loves the possibilities of this medium. She will have several new pieces for this year’s art walk. She has been creating mixed media pieces with encaustic (wax) for the past several years. She enjoys this medium as it allows for layering, texture and translucent colours. With her altered art jewelry she is able to incorporate some of the found objects that she has collected. She also makes collage and photo greeting cards.
The Deep Song of Wild Woman 12 x 12