2017 Bio – Caroline Keogh

Studio: KW Artists’ Co-op
Media: Acrylics, Mixed Media

Caroline is a landscape painter on wood panels (mostly of her own photos from Ireland and Canada). She recently produced a series of owl portraits with permission from photographers. She has Visual Arts Specialist certification and is a full-time teacher. Caroline is continuously taking courses to explore painting methods, colour, and various mediums. She has mixed media work and is playing with encaustic art (using heated beeswax) for smaller pieces for sale. As a member of the K W Artists’ Co-op, her sanctuary for joyful creating artwork, Caroline is gearing up to become a full time artist upon retirement.


One thought on “2017 Bio – Caroline Keogh

  1. Hello Caroline Keogh,
    My name is Aanchal and I am working at Waterloo public Library. I have seen your paintings at the library and I really like your work.
    I am a henna artist and also making other paintings too.
    Painting, coloring, sketching and designing is my hobby and passion. I love to play with colors, recently i have started henna work in Waterloo.
    I would like to know more about mixed media art and paintings from you. Would you mind please give me a small meeting time to discuss more with you.
    Please find below my contact details:

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