Artist Bio – 2015: Shantell Powell

Shantell, aka The ShanMonster, is a multi-disciplinary artist. She is constantly creating and studying, working in such disparate visual media as acrylics, china painting, sumi-e, ink, pencil, decoupage, collage, and soft pastels.
She is also a playwright, poet, essayist, fiction writer, dancer (belly dance, poi, voi, aerialist, etc.), costume designer, loom knitter, tablet weaver, cook, gardener, world traveler, athlete, and compulsive bookworm. She studies music theory and classical voice (opera). She is very busy.
In the past, she’s worked as a figure model, radio and club DJ, music promoter, craft workshop instructor, comic/game shop manager, botanic illustrator, personal trainer, and stable mucker.
When she grows up, she wants to be a space marine.