New Artist Bio: Jakki Annerino

This is an updated bio for Art Walk regular Jakki Annerino.

Jakki Annerino is a mixed-media artist and singer/songwriter living in Kitchener, ON. She grew up in Chicago, Illinois and Phoenix, Arizona.
Making art has been a lifelong passion for Jakki. She creates encaustic paintings, altered art jewelry and greeting cards. She incorporated various remnants and relics, both natural and vintage into her work.
She finds encaustic an intriguing medium as it allows for layering, creating textures and luminosity. Encaustic medium is made with beeswax and damar resin. Oil paint is then added for colour.
She likes to convey a sense of whimsy and memory in many of her pieces.
She is inspired by nature, literature, music and personal relationships.

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