Portrait of the Artist: Esther Devries-Lasby

Esther Devries-Lasby is a potter from Kitchener, Ontario. You can contact her at edevrieslasby@hotmail.com.
Artist’s Statement
The inspiration for my pottery comes from three sources; my garden, textile arts and visions of pots I saw while living in Japan.
It is fun to incorporate elements from the garden in my pots. I often marvel at the texture I can find in leaves and seed pods. I like to preserve a bit of that in my clay.
Quilts amaze me, and when I am not in my potting studio I am at my sewing machine. I often roll out a slab of clay and treat it like a piece of cloth by building in quilts of texture and cutting out pieces to be assembled.
While living in Japan, I learned to see the hands that had made a pot through fingerprints, slight ‘imperfections’, and gifts from the ‘kiln gods’.
My things are hand made, and if you can still see traces of my hands, I am pleased.
Enjoy my pots.