Artist Bio: D. H. McKee

This is an updated bio for D. H. McKee.
D. H. McKee (Dave to his friends) works with painting, mixed media, digital photography, and illustration. He works with various media, unable to focus on any one thing. Most recently, he’s started ARC welding rebar sculptures.
His education and experience (sitting in front of a TV for most of his childhood) has helped him integrate film and video aesthetics into his artwork: Through his works, he deconstructs the images in film, television, pop-culture, as well as from nature. Video stylistic themes work their way into his paintings, and one can discern letter-boxing, test patterns, scrambled pay-television signals and bright colours. Even in his photographic works, there is always something a little off–colours are a over-saturated, or washed out; lines are harshly defined, or barely discernible. Quaint scenery and poignant landscapes become subtly ominous.
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Artist Bio: Kelly Green

Kelly Green is a bas relief sculptor who specializes in three dimensional wood projects. Anyone familiar with the Park and Victoria intersection has probably seen the signs for his studio at 100 Park St.
“Though I bill myself as a Celtic Artist, it is only a starting point in showing how all human kind is interconnected to the cosmic energy of the universe both physically and spiritually. My art is about healing our tiny inconsequential human differences and celebrating our common humanity.”