Portrait of the Artist: Todd Schiedel

Todd Schiedel is an artisan, musician and teacher. He is interested in creating objects that are aesthetically pleasing, functional, and created without having an adverse impact on the environment. Todd makes handmade, wooden versions of familiar classic games and toys. These tried and true games are durable, non-toxic and made in part or entirely from reclaimed wood (old floorboards, cut-offs, etc.)
As a teacher, Todd appreciates the role of play in the lives of children. Playing games provides a context for meaningful interaction among children and adults alike. Todd will be selling his wares at Little City Farm (508 Duke St W.) with several other fine artisans.
Custom orders are welcome.
Todd’s recent musical creations can be found at toddschiedel.wordpress.com.
Send any inquiries to taschiedel@hotmail.com