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Map for Art Walk

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If you want a quick, mobile-ready image for the art walk, with the map and legend, use the image below to help guide you to the following image.

Please note: Dawn Martin is unavailable this year, and won't be showing.


Artist Profile - D. H. McKee

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D. H. McKee is a contemporary abstract artist, curator, and studio owner. He has worked in the Kitchener-Waterloo area for the past decade, learning the artist's trade and making connections in the arts community. His work has appeared in a number of local exhibits and can be found in homes and spaces around K-W. He's been a driving member of the K-W Central Art Walk since its inception.



Artist Profile - Ralf Wall

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Watercolour landscapes, pen & ink, acrylic and oil abstracts - this is the artistic home of Raflar the Wanderer (mundanely known as Ralf Wall).




Artist Profile - Jennifer Gough

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Jennifer Gough is a self taught, multidisciplinary, visual and conceptual artist.
Inspired by the belief that we create our own future through our thoughts and actions, with a strong focus on conversation and communication, Jennifer's work becomes a starting point. A place where questions and answers are equally important and explored openly.

Her work is centered around creating connections, inspiring introspection, and self exploration. Through the use of color, texture, and composition, Jennifer creates compelling works that encourage us to examine who we are and what motivates us.

Modern abstracts drenched in color, combined with her use of clean lines and shapes lend themselves to a feeling of big city loft living.  Layered, mixed media pieces give depth and texture to an otherwise flat canvas and add intrigue and interest for conceptual analysis.
The objective of her work is to bring the viewer into the piece. To inspire a connection and allow each one to find something of themselves in the piece.

"Driven by emotion, my work expresses feelings of ambition, hope, fear, exhilaration and determination. Bold colors and strong lines represent power and strength, while blended, textured areas speak more to personal growth, passion and the pursuit of happiness. In my opinion, art is a very personal experience. To be viewed from ones own perspective. Not necessarily to be understood but instead, to be felt and inspire a reaction in the viewer."



Artist Profile - Jakki Annerino

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"Jakki Annerino is a mixed media artist and a founding member of the KW Central Art Walk. Her art passion is fueled by dreams, nature, literature and music. Her principal medium is encaustic (beeswax and damar resin) but she also paints in acrylic, creates jewelry using vintage elements and makes collage and photo greeting cards. She will have pieces in all her chosen media for this year's KW Central Art Walk.

Jakki is also a singer/songwriter who has been performing locally for many years."



Artist Profile - Gord McLeod

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One of Kind By Gord started a long time ago. I couldn't find a paid job ... so I used my talent to make money. I love making jewelry and making money ... so everything worked out well :)



Artist Profile - Denise Redmond

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Denise has been an artist working with fibre for the past thirty years. Using primarily natural materials, she offers a variety of wearable or household creations from hats to scarves/wraps, mitts to bracelets of beads & fibre, as well as table runners and throws. The type of fibre and colour palette often determine the creation and pattern. New this year are hand-carded and hand-spun natural yarns for those who are also crafters.



Artist Profile - Jack MacAulay

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"I was born in Saskatchewan in 1941. I do large format b/w photographs of Canadian landscapes, and have done over 160 exhibits in Ontario. I've also shown work in Alberta and Quebec, in the USA and the United Kingdom. I taught photography for 22 years at KWCVS in Kitchener, and have taught part time at Conestoga College."




Artist Profile - Gary Gamble

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A self taught artist who enjoys painting, drawing, sculpturing, wood carving and metal work. I am currently exploring all types of wildlife images as well as my love for trains. I have also done large murals for restaurants and private residences.



Artist Profile - Aaron Aboud

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Painting is an expressive outlet that I have always used to give my life continued purpose. I continue to try new styles, subject matter and materials. I am hoping one day to be a full-time artist.



Artist Profile - Stayce Webber

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Stayce is a pen & ink and watercolour artist whose themes run toward the tribal and mythological, strongly influenced by an academic background in anthropology and an appreciation of the fantastic. An east-coast American now nesting in a home & studio called AEcern in Kitchener, Ontario, Stayce creates works of art that are small, jewel-like windows into other worlds. She is also a loud librarian, quiet drummer, mystified mother, and wondering woman.


Artist Profile - Lauren Judge

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"Lauren Judge was raised in Kitchener, Ontario. She completed her Bachelor degree at York University, and then her Masters at the University of Waterloo. Lauren first learned about painting from her father Martin, an accomplished, local portrait artist. Since 2007, Lauren has practiced professionally and now has paintings in personal collections across Canada, the US and Latin America. She is also an experienced hand knitter, designing original accessories, baskets and large-scale installations.

Lauren's interests include colour theory, ecofeminism, international affairs, environmental issues, human behavior, animal behavior and biological processes. Artistic influences include the abstract expressionists, Chagall, Kandinsky, the Bauhaus, and more recently the writings and paintings of feminists like Monica Sjöö."



Artist Profile - Liene Haruta

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"I live and work in Kitchener-Waterloo. Currently I am studying classical painting and drawing under a well respected artist, John Tobin.

Part of my studio training involves working with evolving themes.

Many of my pieces are inspired by nature, history or architecture.

I try to emulate design in natural landscapes in my work. Some of my other work includes, jewellery design, small sculpture and photography. I am always seeking to improve my skill level."



Artist Profile - Maria Wirth

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This is my third year in the Art Walk. I enjoy creating unit and original pieces of art out of fabric, form cottons to synthetics materials. I enjoy working with stones and images of the beach and I love the beauty of flowers. I will be exploring with shredded fabric and stitch art techniques. My work will have the inspiration of stone, fun flowers and more that will enhance the beauty of your home. This year I hope to see the pervasive and new visitors come to enjoy my work.



Artist Profile - Erin Moffat

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Colour and Light features unique, abstract glass art by Erin Moffat. A former research chemist, Erin enjoys the fusion of science and art. She draws inspiration from nature for much of her work, and also likes to geek out a bit with her fun molecule-themed pieces. Erin's fascination with Celtic imagery also shines through in her intricate knotwork in glass, and she is trying to save the environment one bottle at a time with beautiful, functional items made from recycled bottles.



Artist Profile - Charlotte Keeler

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"Green Garb is making something beautiful, cozy, useful, fun, interesting out of the past.

Handmade and re-purposed accessories, decorative items and Waldorf style toys made with care using wool, lamb/sheepskin, leather and cloth."



Artist Profile - Andrew Owen

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I have been birding in the region for over 15 years and have amassed quite a collection of photographs of birds in their natural habitat. I love to share these with people.



WALES is a group of adults who have been labeled as having a developmental disability. They gather together to talk about their dreams, their goals, their talents, gifts and strengths. They work together to help each other and to find ways to share their knowledge, insight and talents with the community.


Artist Profile - Rebecca Balaz

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Rebecca has been creating one-of-a-kind hand-dyed silk accessories since 2008. Her scarves have been featured in the fashion section of the Grand Magazine.



Smitten Kitten Jewellery features one-of-a-kind and limited edition designs handmade with love by Kendall McCulloch. The jewellery and accessories range from casual, everyday pieces, to bridal, steampunk, nautical, gothic, kawaii, and rockabilly styles. Much of the collection is vintage-inspired and some statement earrings and necklaces contain pre-loved materials that have been upcycled into unique creations. Kendall is a voracious reader, a procrastinating writer, and a huge nerd.



Artist Profile - J. Ryan Brooks

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Ryan is a Kitchener Artist who enjoys working in a variety of media. From whimsical ink illustrations and colourful acrylics to pumpkin carving and wooden toys, Ryan explores form, colour and design.

TN_J. Ryan-Brooks-2014-05-30T18_18_57-01.JPG

TN_J. Ryan-Brooks-2014-05-30T18_18_57-02.JPG

Thumbnail image for ryan_brooks_1060.jpg

Artist Profile - Jim Tubb

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"Jim Tubb is a well established artist with a studio and gallery in Kitchener. His work is challenging and bold.

He has been painting for many years and his work is owned across the country."



Artist Profile - Andre Campbell

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Andre Campbell is a published graphic novelist with cerebral palsy.



Artist Profile - David Heinrichs

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David has been making chain maille bracelets and necklaces for about two years.



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