Map for Art Walk

If you want a quick, mobile-ready image for the art walk, with the map and legend, use the image below to help guide you to the following image.
Please note: Dawn Martin is unavailable this year, and won’t be showing.

Artist Profile – D. H. McKee

D. H. McKee is a contemporary abstract artist, curator, and studio owner. He has worked in the Kitchener-Waterloo area for the past decade, learning the artist’s trade and making connections in the arts community. His work has appeared in a number of local exhibits and can be found in homes and spaces around K-W. He’s been a driving member of the K-W Central Art Walk since its inception.

Artist Profile – Jennifer Gough

Jennifer Gough is a self taught, multidisciplinary, visual and conceptual artist.
Inspired by the belief that we create our own future through our thoughts and actions, with a strong focus on conversation and communication, Jennifer’s work becomes a starting point. A place where questions and answers are equally important and explored openly.
Her work is centered around creating connections, inspiring introspection, and self exploration. Through the use of color, texture, and composition, Jennifer creates compelling works that encourage us to examine who we are and what motivates us.
Modern abstracts drenched in color, combined with her use of clean lines and shapes lend themselves to a feeling of big city loft living.  Layered, mixed media pieces give depth and texture to an otherwise flat canvas and add intrigue and interest for conceptual analysis.
The objective of her work is to bring the viewer into the piece. To inspire a connection and allow each one to find something of themselves in the piece.
“Driven by emotion, my work expresses feelings of ambition, hope, fear, exhilaration and determination. Bold colors and strong lines represent power and strength, while blended, textured areas speak more to personal growth, passion and the pursuit of happiness. In my opinion, art is a very personal experience. To be viewed from ones own perspective. Not necessarily to be understood but instead, to be felt and inspire a reaction in the viewer.”

Artist Profile – Jakki Annerino

“Jakki Annerino is a mixed media artist and a founding member of the KW Central Art Walk. Her art passion is fueled by dreams, nature, literature and music. Her principal medium is encaustic (beeswax and damar resin) but she also paints in acrylic, creates jewelry using vintage elements and makes collage and photo greeting cards. She will have pieces in all her chosen media for this year’s KW Central Art Walk.
Jakki is also a singer/songwriter who has been performing locally for many years.”

Artist Profile – Denise Redmond

Denise has been an artist working with fibre for the past thirty years. Using primarily natural materials, she offers a variety of wearable or household creations from hats to scarves/wraps, mitts to bracelets of beads & fibre, as well as table runners and throws. The type of fibre and colour palette often determine the creation and pattern. New this year are hand-carded and hand-spun natural yarns for those who are also crafters.

Artist Profile – Jack MacAulay

“I was born in Saskatchewan in 1941. I do large format b/w photographs of Canadian landscapes, and have done over 160 exhibits in Ontario. I’ve also shown work in Alberta and Quebec, in the USA and the United Kingdom. I taught photography for 22 years at KWCVS in Kitchener, and have taught part time at Conestoga College.”