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Good Weather for an Art Walk

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It's not so bad. Looks like there's only a 30% chance for rain. Bring an umbrella, just in case.

Today is the second day of the art walk, so get out there and see some terrific art!


2016 Artist: Rose Girodat



"I am a lifelong art student. My work exhibits my ability to capture the landscapes and skies of the Bruce Peninsula and Muskoka. I work in oils because I love texture and the richness of colours."

2016 Artist: Craig Girodat

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"I am a tile setter by trade. I have developed a hobby for duplicating my photography onto pots using mosaic tile. Using planting pots as a medium is unique as you can catch a 360-degree view of the subject you want to recreate."

2016 Artist: Jack MacAulay

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"I have been fascinated by B/W photography since my 13th birthday in 1954. I have shown in over 170 exhibits, and have had over 50 solo shows. Since 1974 I have been using large format gear but in 2013 I switched to medium format. I taught photography and design at KWCVS for 22 years, as well as part-time at Conestoga College in the 1980s. After moving to Kitchener-Waterloo in 1965 I came to love the Southern Ontario landscape in all seasons. My favourite is winter."


2016 Artist: Erin Moffat

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Colour and Light features unique, abstract glass art by Erin Moffat. Much of her work is inspired by nature, Celtic imagery and science themes. She is also trying to save the environment one bottle at a time with beautiful, functional items made from recycled bottles.


2016 Artist: Maria Wirth

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Maria Wirth is a textile artist who creates art out of cotton, synthetic materials.
A member of the Waterloo Quilting Guild, Maria was inspired by fibre artist Tracy Lawko.

"I hope everyone will take some time this year to see my new works created from threads and fabric."

2016 Artist: Esther Devries-Lasby

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Esther produces a range of functional pottery intended for daily use in your home. Memorable pieces include milk pitchers, mugs, wine cups and a variety of bowls among other serving pieces. Come around for a visit during the artwalk to view the community pot and try your hand at making an addition to this year's piece.

2016 Artist: Denise Redmond

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"My pieces are meant to be worn or used in everyday life: hats, shawls, scarves, coasters, bags or simple table ornaments. They are elegant reflections of a simpler time. I also blend and hand spin natural fibres from alpaca, sheep, other animals and silk.

I prefer to work with natural fibres and rarely repeat designs. Most of my inspiration for weaving comes from the interplay of colour I see in nature or from combinations of manmade objects. Weaving and spinning offer me ways to paint with fibre in three dimensional forms."

2016 Artist: Jakki Annerino

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Jakki Annerino is a multi-media artist working in encaustic, wet-felting, jewelry and various styles of greeting cards.


2016 Artist: Simona Zac

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Simona Zac was born in 1967 in Slovenia, where she lived with her family until immigrating to Canada at the age of 6. Her passion for art started at an early age, while observing her father, Martin Polanic, whose style she has always admired. As a child, Simona found immense pleasure in painting and drawing. She has always been intrigued and captivated by her surroundings: nature, the human figure, architecture, the beauty found in life itself.

Using paint and brush, she translates these inspiring elements onto canvas. Aside from studying art throughout high school and some workshops with local artists, Simona is very much a self-taught contemporary artist. This gives her the freedom and proficiency to express herself and evolve through personal experience. Her fearless approach to painting involves experimentation with different styles, techniques and media including graphite, ink, watercolour, oil and acrylic paint. She loves to balance unique colours, movement, energy and texture.


2016 Artist: Stayce Webber

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Stayce is a pen & ink and watercolour artist whose themes run toward the historic and mythological, strongly influenced by an academic background in anthropology and an appreciation of the fantastic. An east-coast American now nesting in a home & studio called AEcern in Kitchener, Ontario, Stayce creates works of art that are small, jewel-like windows into other worlds. She is also a loud librarian, quiet drummer, mystified mother, and wondering woman.



2016 Artist: Sharl G. Smith

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"I come to designing/making from an architectural background. Combining my passion for detail-oriented design and hands-on construction, I have fallen in love with the art of bead-stitching. I am fascinated with seed beads and inspired by the sculptural and creative potential of this extremely tiny medium. Bead-stitching is a process whereby each bead is stitched by hand, one bead at a time.

My designs seek to explore both the jewelry-making and the three-dimensional sculptural possibilities of these amazing and intensely colourful little points of light."

Rainbow Caribbean Catering

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We're pleased to announce that we will have Rainbow Caribbean Catering's Jerk food truck out this weekend at the art walk! Stop by 14 Braun St. for some fabulous spicy Jamaican food.


"Since 1983, we've been bringing you the best in Caribbean cuisine. Both local and visiting customers and critics alike enjoy our Jerk Chicken and curry."

Find them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/bigjerkmenu.


"Discovering creative connections between art, photography, and healing is 'recreational' and great fun for ManChoi.

In addition to being featured in cover art (CDs, service bulletins, pamphlets), fine art décor, greeting cards, commercial posters, and book cover, his work includes videos for Spiritual Care and Counseling research promotion, and productions for prayer and meditation that integrate images, sacred text and original music.

Until joining UpTown Gallery, his work has been exhibited at People's Gallery (Waterloo), where someone took notice of his works' 'Zen' quality and appeal. He was featured at Gallery M (Cambridge) in 2014, and at Paula White Diamond Gallery (Waterloo) and Framing and Art Centre (Kitchener) in 2015.

Chow ManChoi lives in Kitchener with his wife, Bonnie, at Edenwilde, and can be reached at lilypad(at)sentex.ca or visit www.ManChoi-Chow-Photographer.com."

2016 Artist: Lee Angold

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Lee is a botanical and scientific illustrator working in watercolour, coloured pencil, and pen & ink. Her detailed illustrations are colourful and bold. Lee is a member of the Botanical Artists of Canada, and a current student in the Society of Botanical Artists Diploma program.


2016 Artist: Jessica Clayman

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Twilight Rabbit Creations is the art of Jessica Clayman based in the KW Artists Co-op in Waterloo. She designs and makes Tarot decks, Monstrum dolls, bunny hats, Dubləve Wands and charms, jewelry, acrylic paintings and more.


2016 Artist: Eekta Trienekens

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"Being born and raised in a small village in The Netherlands with extended travels to India during childhood, living in, and in between, two worlds was just a given fact. A fact that provided lots of inspiration as the two are so far apart, visually and in every other way but can also be very close. They are definitely both close to the heart.

After studying some Fine Arts and finishing a bachelor in Art Education (Utrecht). I realized my other love needed some study too: India! I completed my masters in Indology (Leiden) and ever since the music, literature and art of India continued to inspire me.

Painting, drawing and crafting have been my love and passion as long as I remember.

My work incorporates childhood memories of rural India, nature, dreams, experiences and encounters. After moving to Canada in 2010 another dimension was added, the immigrant experience.

I always considered myself more a painter. But, that was before I got properly introduced to ceramics. Since last fall (2015) I have been spending most of my available time in the potter's studio. I am so grateful to have this opportunity as a member of the wonderful community of the Waterloo Potters Workshop. I am learning and enjoying the process each and every day."


2016 Artist: Caroline Keogh

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Caroline has, for many years, had fun with many forms of visual art, including quilt-making and fabric art. She gives herself creative license to experiment back and forth between mediums. She has sold work through art shows at Unity Centre in Kitchener. As a teacher, Caroline earned her Visuals Arts specialists, and she learned to take her creative work and title as an artist more seriously by joining the KW Artist's Co-Op in 2016. There is a great deal of creative energy going on in Caroline's space at the studio!

2016 Artist: Carly Leyburne

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Carly Leyburne is a Waterloo based artist. In 2016 she completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Concordia University in Montreal, and is now a member of the KW Artists Co-op. For the past five years she has been working as a portrait artist, and is currently exploring landscape paintings that reflect place, memory, and identity.  


2016 Artist: Ryan Brooks

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Ryan Brooks is Kitchener based artist who enjoys working in a variety of mediums. From intricate ink drawings with lighthearted themes, to impressionist skylines in acrylic, Ryan explores creativity through changing moods as much as through practiced technique. Recently he has begun to explore simple paper craft as a medium, and of course: Pumpkins! Look for Ryan's Jack-o-Lanterns on Saturday and Sunday (weather-permitting).

2016 Artist: Ralf Wall (Raflar)

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I love to paint in the great outdoors. Most of my watercolours and many of my acrylics are painted on location throughout Southern Ontario. I frequently travel around my home town of Kitchener/Waterloo and as far as Algonquin Park, Georgian Bay, Bruce Peninsula, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and everywhere in between. When I'm not out in the wild, you can find me sharing studio space at Globe Studios in Kitchener.


2016 Artist: Lenore Brooks

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"My name is Lenore Brooks. I've spent my whole life, one way or another, immersed in design.

As the daughter of an artist, I developed an early love of art and design. This artistic drive eventually took me to Humber College's Interior Design program in Toronto. I graduated with honours and began working as a Registered Interior Designer for both architects and designers. Working in Toronto was an amazing experience. I had the opportunity to work on multi-million dollar projects, and develop my technical skills. But, after more than a decade in Toronto's high-end design scene, and with a growing family, I was ready for a change.

Moving my family to Kitchener and launching Lenore Brooks Design, my own home design and staging business, was the beginning of a more relaxed lifestyle. I was able to return to doing some of the things I loved but hadn't had time for. Sewing, embroidering and painting are loves that have been with me since childhood, while resin art is a new and exciting foray for me. My design experience has helped with my art and creations and I am always open to creating custom items for your home with materials that will best fit your décor. Being part of the K-W Central Art Walk keeps me creating new things throughout the year."


2016 Artist: Jennifer Backler

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"I make purses and bags that you will love. Using a variety of fabrics and different styles, there is sure to be one that you cannot live without.

Through My Favourite Dress I also create the item of clothing that you love but can't get anymore. The dress you have is too small or too big or you need it in a different colour or length.

I take the dress, make a pattern, and create a new one in another fabric and adjust the sizing to suit so you can wear your favourite dress again!"


2016 Artist: Glenn G. Smith

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Glenn G. Smith is a local artist and sculptor, who specializes in outdoor garden sculptures.


2016 Artist: Elizabeth Backler

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Elizabeth is a local soapmaker who works with skin-nourishing vegetable oils and fragrant essential oils to create luxury vegan bath and body products, including soaps, lotions, and lip balms.


2016 Artist: Deb Barrett

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"I am a lifelong resident of K-W and currently retiring from the Waterloo Public Library. In the past few years I have discovered a great joy in collage and mixed media work - taking simple materials, found and natural objects, and exploring ideas of memory and celebration."

2016 Artist: D. H. McKee

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David H. McKee is a writer and contemporary abstract artist in Kitchener-Waterloo.

You can follow him on Facebook at: facebook.com/zuckerloft


2016 Artist: Jonathan Sau

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Jonathan Sau has been a serious photographer for over 20 years. While living in Vancouver, British Columbia, he was a member of the North Shore Photographic Society, reaching their highest Star 5 level. Currently he is a member of the Grand River Imaging and Photographic Society, and the Canadian Association of Photographic Art (CAPA).

His photograph "Chocolate Lilies" won the CAPA Special Botany Award. His work has also been included in publication and local art sales.


Much of Jonathan's work is in landscape and floral photography, capturing the beauty of nature. However, he also works in other genres like travel and still life. Via the judicious use of perspective and isolation, Jonathan creates powerful images, either depicting reality in its simplest and most pleasing way, or as abstracts of light and form.


2016 Artist: Dawn Martin

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Dawn is wire-work artist living in Kitchener. Currently specializing in custom woven-wire garments, one-of-a-kind bags/accessories, pendant light fixtures, incorporating crystal, glass and other re-purposed or found items, Custom orders welcome - any size.


2016 Artist: David Heinrichs

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"I make bracelets, pendants and earrings from chain maille. The jewelry is brightly coloured and/or silver coloured. I also make turned wooden objects such as bowls and candle sticks and spinning tops.These all make great Christmas presents."

2016 Artist: Andrew Owen

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"More of a birder than a photographer, I started to collect images about 15 years ago and friends encouraged me to share more widely. All pictures are taken in Southern Ontario and a lot in my own backyard."

2016 Artist: Adrienne Zoe

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Adrienne Zoe is a fine art photographer. Her signature work is creative photography in which she uses specialized filters and reflective materials to explore light and reflections, creating vibrant images that look like abstract art or paintings. Adrienne enjoys nature and this is evident in her bird and flower photography.

An artist at Uptown Gallery Waterloo, she presents new photographic art with each new show every two months. She has taken workshops from master photographers Sharon Milstein and Leona Isaak, and photography courses at Brookdale Community College in New Jersey. She is now a member of Grand River Imaging and Photography Society, Canadian Association for Photographic Art, Button Factory Arts, and Kitchener Waterloo Society of Artists.


"My goal is to engage my audience with images that demand reflection and contemplation. It is my passion to capture the beauty of the world in a way that is different and arresting, and my pleasure to share it."


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