2016 Artist: Jack MacAulay

“I have been fascinated by B/W photography since my 13th birthday in 1954. I have shown in over 170 exhibits, and have had over 50 solo shows. Since 1974 I have been using large format gear but in 2013 I switched to medium format. I taught photography and design at KWCVS for 22 years, as well as part-time at Conestoga College in the 1980s. After moving to Kitchener-Waterloo in 1965 I came to love the Southern Ontario landscape in all seasons. My favourite is winter.”

2016 Artist: Maria Wirth

Maria Wirth is a textile artist who creates art out of cotton, synthetic materials.
A member of the Waterloo Quilting Guild, Maria was inspired by fibre artist Tracy Lawko.
“I hope everyone will take some time this year to see my new works created from threads and fabric.”

2016 Artist: Esther Devries-Lasby

Esther produces a range of functional pottery intended for daily use in your home. Memorable pieces include milk pitchers, mugs, wine cups and a variety of bowls among other serving pieces. Come around for a visit during the artwalk to view the community pot and try your hand at making an addition to this year’s piece.

2016 Artist: Denise Redmond

“My pieces are meant to be worn or used in everyday life: hats, shawls, scarves, coasters, bags or simple table ornaments. They are elegant reflections of a simpler time. I also blend and hand spin natural fibres from alpaca, sheep, other animals and silk.
I prefer to work with natural fibres and rarely repeat designs. Most of my inspiration for weaving comes from the interplay of colour I see in nature or from combinations of manmade objects. Weaving and spinning offer me ways to paint with fibre in three dimensional forms.”

2016 Artist: Simona Zac

Simona Zac was born in 1967 in Slovenia, where she lived with her family until immigrating to Canada at the age of 6. Her passion for art started at an early age, while observing her father, Martin Polanic, whose style she has always admired. As a child, Simona found immense pleasure in painting and drawing. She has always been intrigued and captivated by her surroundings: nature, the human figure, architecture, the beauty found in life itself.
Using paint and brush, she translates these inspiring elements onto canvas. Aside from studying art throughout high school and some workshops with local artists, Simona is very much a self-taught contemporary artist. This gives her the freedom and proficiency to express herself and evolve through personal experience. Her fearless approach to painting involves experimentation with different styles, techniques and media including graphite, ink, watercolour, oil and acrylic paint. She loves to balance unique colours, movement, energy and texture.