2016 Artist: Eekta Trienekens

“Being born and raised in a small village in The Netherlands with extended travels to India during childhood, living in, and in between, two worlds was just a given fact. A fact that provided lots of inspiration as the two are so far apart, visually and in every other way but can also be very close. They are definitely both close to the heart.
After studying some Fine Arts and finishing a bachelor in Art Education (Utrecht). I realized my other love needed some study too: India! I completed my masters in Indology (Leiden) and ever since the music, literature and art of India continued to inspire me.
Painting, drawing and crafting have been my love and passion as long as I remember.
My work incorporates childhood memories of rural India, nature, dreams, experiences and encounters. After moving to Canada in 2010 another dimension was added, the immigrant experience.
I always considered myself more a painter. But, that was before I got properly introduced to ceramics. Since last fall (2015) I have been spending most of my available time in the potter’s studio. I am so grateful to have this opportunity as a member of the wonderful community of the Waterloo Potters Workshop. I am learning and enjoying the process each and every day.”