2012 Artist Bio: Chris Austin

Chris Austin is a lifelong resident and self taught visual artist from Kitchener/Waterloo. Working mainly in acrylic and spray paint, Austin’s work is a combination of kaleidoscopic, photo-realism, and a “mash-up” painting style that draws inspiration from many creative arenas. Some of his major influences include graffiti, collage, and sign-writing. From these worlds he creates a diverse visual framework that is bold, adventurous and appeals to the young at heart.

Painting is the passion that enriches and enlivens my soul. I view everyday situations from unexpected perspectives, in a wide color palette. From that, I enter a painting with no plan of attack. Instead, I allow the painting to guide me in the direction it wants to take. Embracing the natural progression.

Artist’s Site: www.chrisaustinart.blogspot.com

2012 Artist Bio: Lisa Barlow-Busch

Lisa Barlow-Busch is a new artist who works with yarns and fabrics.

Displaying an uncanny power of perception, Lisa discovered knitting while living directly above a knitting shop in Ottawa. After a few introductory classes, she was soon cajoling every possible tip, trick, and ancient secret from the hands and minds of the shop’s masters — much as she had done as a young girl, when learning to sew from her mother.


Today, Lisa enjoys tinkering with handicrafts to bring out the fun in everyday objects. Her passion for knitting and sewing is surpassed only by her desire to explore what lies off the beaten path, where life is more sparkly and surprising. It’s these excursions that produce whimsical outcomes such as hand-knit sushi and cupcakes. What it really comes down to is Lisa’s love of needles.

Artist’s Website: http://needleaddiction.com/

2012 Artist Bio: Liene Haruta

Liene Haruta, of White Shadow Design is a sculptor/photographer who specializes in jewellery design.

I was born and raised in the Kitchener / Waterloo area and have had an interest in all things creative since I was very young. I enjoy working in any medium that inspires me. I have worked for many years for a company doing jewellery design and small sculpture which has carried over into my personal work in wearable sculpture jewellery.
I’m inspired by nature, history and architecture. Nature has always been a great teacher to me in elegant beautiful design which I try to emulate in my work.


In my painted pieces and photography, I often try to recapture moments in history. I’ve always been interested in understanding the common and mundane of those who lived long ago and get a glimpse into their pysche. In this way I try to demystify historic characters and make their lives relatable to our lives today.
I’m always seeking to grow in my abilities and explore new ways of expressing myself