Artist Bio: Jason Fallaise

Hi my name is Jason Fallaise, I am a high school teacher with the Waterloo Region District School Board. I obtained a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Guelph in 1985. I create paintings in watercolour and acrylic. I enjoy working with the qualities each medium provides. My paintings have been purchased in major fundraising events such as Swing in the Park for ROOF, the Grand River Hospital Silent Auction and the Brain Injury Society Art Auction. I live in Waterloo and can be reached by email or by phone 519-888-7838.


Artist Statement
The subject matter for my work falls into three categories street scenes, abstracts and landscapes.
The subject matter for my street scenes are obtained locally and from my travels abroad. Creating works in watercolour is a real joy for me. Working quickly and spontaneously is an approach that is suited for my personality. I like to apply colour quickly to allow the picture to have a natural and spontaneous feel. I choose architecture because I like the visual elements it provides. Line is used to enhance textural possibilities by defining shapes, forms and colours. I like the compositional structure that line, shape and colour can provide.
The abstracts that I create represent my reaction to the urban environment. Drawing is an essential part of my artistic process. These paintings are generated in my sketchbook where I like to express, explore and formalize visual ideas. In these abstracts I want to express the energy and structure of large urban environments.
My approach to landscape painting is through direct observation with the subject matter. I like to paint on site either with watercolours or acrylics. Sometimes I will complete a small sketch on site and then work up a larger version in my studio. Light and colour is the most important consideration when I am landscape painting.


Artist Bio: Mary Lou Sittler

This is an updated bio for Mary Lou.
Mary Lou Sittler has been working with Stained Glass for many years from her home studio as well as from the Dundee Pottery & Stained Glass studio. She has created several one-of-a-kind pieces for personal and corporate clients.
She enjoys the challenge of coming up with new and unique projects.
mary-lou_sittler_stained_glass_001a.jpg mary-lou_sittler_stained_glass_002.jpg
If you’re interested in buying or commissioning a stained glass piece, come visit her at the Central Art Walk, or email her at
Her website is at:

Artist Bio: D. H. McKee

This is an updated bio for D. H. McKee.
D. H. McKee (Dave to his friends) works with painting, mixed media, digital photography, and illustration. He works with various media, unable to focus on any one thing. Most recently, he’s started ARC welding rebar sculptures.
His education and experience (sitting in front of a TV for most of his childhood) has helped him integrate film and video aesthetics into his artwork: Through his works, he deconstructs the images in film, television, pop-culture, as well as from nature. Video stylistic themes work their way into his paintings, and one can discern letter-boxing, test patterns, scrambled pay-television signals and bright colours. Even in his photographic works, there is always something a little off–colours are a over-saturated, or washed out; lines are harshly defined, or barely discernible. Quaint scenery and poignant landscapes become subtly ominous.
You can see his Website/blog at

Artist Bio: Maya Polywjanyj

Maya is a Psychological Associate who has used the healing power of art therapy with hundreds of clients. She has recently opened a private practice in Kitchener May 2010.

“I have always been drawn to the power of color and form. My subject matter is diverse, as though I get pulled to do a piece. There is something quite liberating about non verbal modes of communication, it is a language that reaches into many realms of knowing. Much of my work involves themes around healing, self discovery and growth.
“Over the years my approach to art has moved more fully into emotional and intuitive expression in contrast to a more technical approach. In this vein, I have been experimenting with creating pieces that exude essence. My work has often been described as ‘moving’ and ‘beautiful’.”


Artist Bio: Kelly Green

Kelly Green is a bas relief sculptor who specializes in three dimensional wood projects. Anyone familiar with the Park and Victoria intersection has probably seen the signs for his studio at 100 Park St.
“Though I bill myself as a Celtic Artist, it is only a starting point in showing how all human kind is interconnected to the cosmic energy of the universe both physically and spiritually. My art is about healing our tiny inconsequential human differences and celebrating our common humanity.”

Artist Bio: Lauren Judge

This is an updated bio for Lauren Judge.
Lauren Judge was born and raised in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. She has explored various art forms throughout her life under the influences and support of an artistic family, and has more actively participated in the arts community since 2007. Lauren’s painting style draws on the spirit of abstract expressionism, using a poured technique with fluid acrylics. Lauren’s paintings on canvas show an abstracted interpretation of nature. A hand knitter for over 20 years, Lauren has experimented with many different kinds of fibres and designs. In 2007, she started her own business creating and knitting original designs for accessories and garments made exclusively from natural fibres.
Visit her Website at
Visit the Button Factory at

Artist Bio: Jack MacAulay


“So what am I doing with the classic view cameras?…Well, I like to reduce the subject materials to their simplest form. Also, I like to expand how we see abstraction in photographs.”


“More to the point, I take pictures with 4″x5″ and 8″x10″ view cameras, lots and lots of pictures. By the current paradigm, I make quite small b/w prints from 4″x5″ and 8″x10″; contact prints up to 11″x14″ enlargements. I believe that small prints have a lot of aesthetic presence, rather than the histrionic presence of large prints.”


“I’ve lived in Kitchener since 1965, and shortly fell in love with the lush southern Ontario landscape. My photographs are taken in all seasons, but I have a special interest in winter photography. My teachers and mentors Howard Bond, Stuart Nudelman, and Norman Rothschild have given me a lot of coaching, for which I am very grateful. Although photography is a medium based on technology, the important part of my background are the people.The arts community in Waterloo Region is a growing and vital one. My fellow photographers are not my competition; I see us as all being in this together. “


Artist Bio: Ron MacDonald


“Most of my life I have been focused upon the persuit of the image and it’s meaning, both the obvious and metaphorical, while using a wide variety of media to bring that to a new reality. I have made explicit attempts to engage the most important personal and emotional and beautiful images in my works. I realize I have had the extravagance of doing much of my artwork for the sheer pleasure of doing it, after all what is more important to an artist than the doing of the art? The mainstay of all my work is my sketchbook and the time involved in developing ideas from memories and life-experiences. “

ron_macdonald_walkingman_006.jpg ron_macdonald_walkingman_097.jpg
My art work involves the following:

  • Painting in acrylic on canvas
  • Graphite drawing
  • Pen and Ink designing
  • Ceramics
  • Digital photography
  • Watercolour
  • Soft pastel