Artist Bio: Ralf Wall

Ralf Wall is an artist who specializes in mural painting and watercolours. He is a welcome new addition to the 2011 Central Art Walk.

I begin my paintings or sketches by going out into the field: a walk in the woods, down by the lake or river. I find a spot that seems to call out to me and I sit or stand for several minutes, as the geography allows, and absorb the energy around me. I want to capture the feeling of being in that exact spot, not necessarily the details of the physical, but more the emotional. I look at the colours, the play of shadow and light, and then I compose my image.


My watercolour sketches are quick and I try to work fast so that I maintain the same emotion throughout. My ink sketches are also quickly drawn so that I can allow for some chaotic freedom of my tools. Nature is not precise and I try to be loose with my imagery while still maintaining a sense of realism.


I deem a painting or drawing to be good when it either looks on canvas just as I envisioned it in my mind, or probably more importantly, I get an emotional response when someone sees it for the first time. Nothing is more satisfying as an artist when I get shushed because someone is staring deeply into my work.


My artwork is continually evolving as I try to release myself from the restraints of “what I think I should do” versus the freedom of my creative intuition. It is a fantastic journey that gets more exciting with every bend in the road.

Raflar the Wanderer
Green Griffin Studio

Artist Bio: Jason Fallaise

Hi my name is Jason Fallaise, I am a high school teacher with the Waterloo Region District School Board. I obtained a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Guelph in 1985. I create paintings in watercolour and acrylic. I enjoy working with the qualities each medium provides. My paintings have been purchased in major fundraising events such as Swing in the Park for ROOF, the Grand River Hospital Silent Auction and the Brain Injury Society Art Auction. I live in Waterloo and can be reached by email or by phone 519-888-7838.


Artist Statement
The subject matter for my work falls into three categories street scenes, abstracts and landscapes.
The subject matter for my street scenes are obtained locally and from my travels abroad. Creating works in watercolour is a real joy for me. Working quickly and spontaneously is an approach that is suited for my personality. I like to apply colour quickly to allow the picture to have a natural and spontaneous feel. I choose architecture because I like the visual elements it provides. Line is used to enhance textural possibilities by defining shapes, forms and colours. I like the compositional structure that line, shape and colour can provide.
The abstracts that I create represent my reaction to the urban environment. Drawing is an essential part of my artistic process. These paintings are generated in my sketchbook where I like to express, explore and formalize visual ideas. In these abstracts I want to express the energy and structure of large urban environments.
My approach to landscape painting is through direct observation with the subject matter. I like to paint on site either with watercolours or acrylics. Sometimes I will complete a small sketch on site and then work up a larger version in my studio. Light and colour is the most important consideration when I am landscape painting.


Artist Bio: Ron MacDonald


“Most of my life I have been focused upon the persuit of the image and it’s meaning, both the obvious and metaphorical, while using a wide variety of media to bring that to a new reality. I have made explicit attempts to engage the most important personal and emotional and beautiful images in my works. I realize I have had the extravagance of doing much of my artwork for the sheer pleasure of doing it, after all what is more important to an artist than the doing of the art? The mainstay of all my work is my sketchbook and the time involved in developing ideas from memories and life-experiences. “

ron_macdonald_walkingman_006.jpg ron_macdonald_walkingman_097.jpg
My art work involves the following:

  • Painting in acrylic on canvas
  • Graphite drawing
  • Pen and Ink designing
  • Ceramics
  • Digital photography
  • Watercolour
  • Soft pastel