Portrait of the Artist: Alannah Mason

Alannah’s work is also referred to as A MASON ART; an eclectic ‘Amasonian’ collection of art. Alannah’s work that is displayed today are all original acrylic paintings. She has contemporary abstract, beautiful sunsets, mystical desert scenes, and some surprises.
Alannah’s primary influential artists in her life would be DaVinci and Warhol. Alannah is primarily self taught, but some of her artistic strengths are inherited by her mother, Bonita. Her art and craftsmanship branches out into so many genres. She is also a professional face painter and recently was a Makeup Assistant for the Cirque du Soleil.
You can see her work at Station 2 Studios.

Portrait of the Artist: Lisa Meschino

Informed by her training as a dancer, Lisa has a long-standing interest in observing the human body. She is fascinated by the relationship between the body’s lines and shapes, as well as the body’s relationship to the larger space it occupies. Her figure studies have evolved from investigations of shapes wrapped by space to figurative lines returning to space to the inner space of the body. By reducing the figure to simple forms, she aims to capture the embodied experience of movement. Through her passion for the process of mark-making, she explores new ways to break through the surface of the body. In all her paintings, the effect is sensual and visceral, eliciting fleshiness out of stone, and sinew out of line.
With over 25 years of painting and drawing experience, Lisa has honed her painting and drawing skills at Central Technical School, York University fine arts department, and The Toronto School of Art. She continues to evolve her “bodyscapes” through local mentorship programs and artists’ collectives, bringing to life the expressive interpretation of the inner landscape of the human form.
She will be showing at Station 2 Studios.

Portrait of the Artist: Elizabeth Backler

After years of dry skin – so dry that it itched, flaked and cracked – and years of using ineffective commercial soaps, creams and lotions for relief, Elizabeth Backler began creating her own soap. Bubbling with success, she started experimenting with different types of vegetable oils, common and exotic, to create a superb bar of soap that cleans and moisturizes the skin while nourishing the senses.
In 2008, she started Massey Soap House, creating bar soap as well as liquid hand soap, shower gel and other bath and body goodies. She is in the process of launching her website, http://www.masseysoaphouse.com/.
You can see her work at ZuckerLoft Studio at 14 Peltz Avenue. For more information, email soap@masseysoaphouse.com.

Reminder for images and information

This is a reminder to all Art Walk artists to get their images to Cal as soon as possible this week. Also, we’ll need contact information for the flyer, whatever you’re comfortable in publishing. We’ll publish the following info:
– Name/Studio
– Media
– Website
– Email
– Phone number
The most important information, of course, is your name, your picture, and your media types.
Here’s an example of what you’ll see on the flyer:
Remember, this needs to be sent to us this week! Email images and information to Cal Howard and myself.
Spread the word to the people participating at your studio.

Portrait of the Artist: Phaelon

Phaelon has been a hobbyist DJ for the past 8 years and a producer for the past 3. He is active in the UW DJ club and a former resident at the Rude Native Bistro in Waterloo and at the K/W Art Gallery in Kitchener.
He continues to perform at occasional events in the K/W area. His influences include Latin, funk, disco and early electronic styles.
You can hear him perform at ZuckerLoft Studio during the Art Walk. Be sure to pick up a free CD while stocks last.
He can be reached for bookings at phaelon@phaelon.cc, and his website is http://www.phaelon.cc/.

Portrait of the Artist: Ryan Brooks

Ryan Brooks is a Toronto based artist who enjoys working in a variety of media including: Ink drawing, painting, photography, and sculpture. He gains great inspiration from viewing other artists’ work and believes that the energy created by a piece has a palpable effect on the viewer.
Ryan’s work runs the gamut from striking cubist works which use fused perspectives to contort perception, to whimsically macabre images of children befriending the monsters from under their beds.
He has been associated with ZuckerLoft Studio in Kitchener for several years now, and is very pleased to be involved in the Art Walk again this year!
A portion of his portfolio can be viewed online at: http://www.behance.net/jrbrooks

Portrait of the Artist: Mary Lou Sittler

Mary Lou began her glass career after volunteering to set up a gallery for a stained glass shop. Since then Mary Lou has pursued her passion creating many custom stained glass pieces for local businesses and home owners. More recently she has been experimenting with fused glass, painted and slumped glass, focusing on one of a kind art forms.
Mary Lou’s work is displayed at Dundee Pottery and Stained Glass, and at her home studio in Kitchener, Ontario.
She’s available year-round by appointment.
Home Studio Location:
214 Moore Avenue
Kitchener, Ontario
Phone Number: 519-579-7511
Email: mtutton@rogers.com
Payment Method: Cash or Cheque.

Portrait of the Artist: Amaryah deGroot

After several attempts at writing books, Amaryah deGroot began making books and in 2003, she founded she weaves!, a one-woman book binding press. Designing book covers quickly took precedence since they offered more opportunities to experiment with fibre arts as well as printing and transferring techniques.
Fibre eventually won Amaryah’s heart and, after learning more about sewing, weaving, and felting, she began making and selling reconstructed clothing.
In 2008, she weaves! was reborn as sew oiseau, a workshop based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, creating women’s and children’s clothing, silkscreen prints, hand-cut stamps, and hand-bound books. Every sew oiseau design is an original.
You can see her works at Little City Farm.

Community Walk Map Available

A Community Walk map for the 2009 Central Art Walk is now available.
CommunityWalk Map – Central Art Walk 2009
A full frame version of the map is available here.
Also, there’s a short URL for friends and emails: http://icanhaz.com/artwalk2009
Please look for your listing and check it. Please let me know if it’s missing or contains incorrect information.